Ruby Red

Brilliant Blue

Dark Corporate Green

AcryliPrint® HD Canyon Marble Plaques

Acrylic Idea Factory AcryliPrint HD Canyon Marble Plaques
  • Clear Acrylic Engravable
  • Front Plaque
  • Machined Aluminum
  • Stand Out Hardware
  • Red, Blue or Green Marble Graphic
  • Wall Hanger Included
  • Available in Two Sizes

AcryliPrint ® HD Canyon Marble Plaques Engravable Wall Hanging Plaques

Overall Size Engravable Retail Price
Description Style No. (WxHxD) Area 1 2-24 25-99 100+

AcryliPrint® HD Canyon Marble Plaques


8½'' x 10⅜'' x ¾''

5½'' x 7¾''

$79.37 $77.07 $74.96 $74.02 (P)


9'' x 12'' x ¾''

5½'' x 8¾'' $88.21 $85.90 $83.79 $82.85 (P)

Specify Ruby Red, Brilliant Blue or Dark Corporate Green marble graphic. Custom background graphics available. Full color AcryliPrint® HD background designs are available from Backgrounds can be downloaded and incorporated into your artwork. All dimensions approximate. AcryliPrint® HD is a patent pending process. Additional art, setup, imprinting or engraving charges may apply. AP APLAK APLAK- APLAK-AB APLAK-AG APLAK-AR APLAK-BB APLAK-BG APLAK-BR